For over 10 years, we have been working with our clients to help them succeed in their strategies.

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Marc Neuen

Founder & CEO
Never accept defeat. You may be one step away from success.

"Be ahead of the game. Be the first to offer innovative internet solutions. The concept of Linc: to be the top facilitator of innovative projects in Luxembourg. How? Through collaboration: by sharing the resources and advantages of each of our projects, and offering these resources not only to businesses but also to innovative project initiators to help get their ideas off the ground and into development. I want to make Linc a real hallmark of quality for the creation, tracking and support of the most promising projects in Luxembourg."

Si vous aimez ce que vous faites, vous réussirez.
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Estelle Ball Head of administration

Investie depuis plus de 10 ans dans l'organisation, la gestion quotidienne et la comptabilité.

"Talent is wanting to do something! And that’s all it is."
Julie Commandoux Head of +onlinesolutions

Passionate and professional in sales, communications, marketing, B2B relationships and team management.

Challenges make life interesting and overcoming them gives it meaning.
Julien Gras Head of </technologypartner>

The IT expert in development, software architecture and project management. Co-founder of Simpleet, our innovative online booking platform.

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Administrative Assistant CDI - March 2017 See Offer
Digital Marketing Officer CDI - Immediat See Offer
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