For over 10 years, we commit ourselves to help our clients to reach their business objectives.

Our story, made in Luxembourg !

Founded in 2006, we created the first full online directory in Luxembourg: Since we started, we have been constantly looking to innovate and offer services with high added value (1st mobile directory, 1st good deals platforms in Luxembourg, and more). On the back of our success, and strengthened by the experience we have gained over the years, we have chosen to diversify our activities by launching new projects on the web.

Our different brands complement each other, and share common objectives:

+ simplify the life of internet users with optimised, innovating tools,

+ bring you solutions with high added value that guarantee visibility and return on investment.


image description created!
First full online directory in Luxembourg


image description
Linc created! becomes Linc to extend our business model and our vision


image description
Partnership with Foostix !
Meal ordering service, for takeaway or delivery

image description
Partnership with Simpleet !
Online appointment management and booking service


image description
Partnership with Houser !
Property valuation tool

image description
Launch of Chicstay !
Luxury property rentals booking service


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4 divisions created!

Skills and specialisms hubs to serve professionals




∞ ventures

Our mission:

We bring you innovative solutions to help your development, with digital tools and platforms that connect people. Every one of our solutions meets a specific consumer need, and becomes a natural part of buyers’ decision-making process.

Our partner:

As a player in the Luxembourg start-up scene, Linc has been a partner of Lux Future Lab since 2016. In the context of this partnership, Linc offers presentations and workshops led by its team in a number of technical areas to support entrepreneurs and give them the benefit of our experience. Our team of experts specialise in areas ranging from marketing to IT development, enabling them to offer a real experience to participants in our workshops.

Strong but essential values at the heart of our vision!

An unconditionnal commitment

Linc employees commit themselves to respect all these values all along their missions with you.

INNOVATION: Challenge our current projects and plan for the future.

- Nurture an entrepreneurial mindset adapted to the startup world.
- Identify or anticipate needs of clients and users and offer improvements and innovations to meet them.
- Challenge our approach to work and continuously improve work processes and collaborations.

QUALITY: Aim for perfection to offer high quality services and products to surpass the expectations of clients and users.

Aim for perfection in all areas:
- in skills
- in day-to-day work
- in services and products
- in relationships with colleagues and clients

COMMUNICATION: Communicate efficiently to evolve and make evolve.

Optimise client services and personal development.
- Listen to clients, users and colleagues.
- Share knowledge and skills both internally and externally.
- Bring quality advice to clients.

RESPECT: Support our individual and collective reputation.

Build long-term relationships based on trust.
- Respect internal and external commitment
- Respecte clients, their needs and their business issues.
- Respect colleagues, their work and their perspectives.
- Respect the environment.

PERFORMANCE: Be conscious that only performance guarantees individual and collective wellbeing.

Nurture team spirit and ensure personal performance and collective success.
- Be supportive and succeed together.
- Do everything to reach personal and collective objectives.
- Be results-driven.
- Take responsibility and learn from our mistakes.
- Be proactive and propose new approaches.