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Select several professionals and send a group information request!

Simplify relationships between professionals and web users!


Triggr is a tool developed by Linc to connect professionals and individuals.

The concept is simple: visitors use the Triggr search engine to find a list of providers that might be able to meet their requirements.

They then choose a list of businesses to contact and specify their needs in a form that is sent on to the businesses via a group email.


+42k Professionals

How it works for users!

of the type of professional or the skills needed (restaurants, dentists, bathroom…) and filtering by area.
Brief description
of what the user is looking for and the date by which the work needs to be delivered.
Replies from professionals
via email and the Triggr dashboard.
Easy management
of different demands and replies. It is easy to classify them, compare them, and add comments to them.
Selection of the professional
that the user wishes to work with. An email is sent to all other professionals to notify them of the choice of user.